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For real estate investors, finding financial solutions to fund their business is becoming increasingly difficult. Lenders are constantly tightening their underwriting requirements, leaving many of the hopeful investors wishful and discouraged without financing options.

If you are a real estate investor in Indianapolis, or you wish to invest in Indianapolis, chances are you have faced this problem. Fortunately, there are alternative financing solutions that can help you overcome these issues. Hard money, also known as private money, is now available to investors in Indianapolis through BridgeWell Captial’s investor lending programs. Our hard money loans are geared to investors with special lending needs who have damaged credit or are self-employed, as well as to investors that need a quick, hassle-free source of private money to finance their next deal. Regardless of your situation, we can get you the cash in as little as 7 days.

Our hard money lending programs in Indianapolis include loans for residential buy fix sell projects, rental homes, investment property refinances and rehab credit lines. We do not provide funding for owner-occupied properties.

If you need more information about our hard money loans, feel free to call us at 317 296-7000 or you can fill out our contact form and we will follow up with you shortly.

Indianapolis Real Estate Market

It is no secret that the real estate market in Indianapolis, like most cities in the country, was greatly affected in the 2007 recession. However, we are now seeing great signs that the housing market recovery is well on its way.

With continued positive job growth and expected declines in the unemployment rate, homebuyers in Indianapolis are gaining back the confidence and are coming back to the housing market. The recovered credit situation of homeowners that were faced with having to do a short sale 2-5 years ago, and the low mortgage rates, has built their confidence to become homebuyers once again. For them renting is no longer desirable.

Under these conditions, local real estate investors are excited to see higher offerings for their residential properties. While the median listing price of properties has remained stable, the median sold price has been considerably increasing for the past six months. There are several other factors (besides demand) driving this tendency.

One reason is the dramatic decline in foreclosures and short sales in the area. According to CoreLogic, which tracks mortgage data nationally, the foreclosure rate in Indianapolis has been in decline since April 2012, with a 3.36 percent decline, followed up by a 2.14 percent decline in 2013.

Also, the shrinking inventory has contributed to the increase in home prices in Indianapolis and other areas of central Indiana. This has lead to the need for new home construction to restore the lack of inventory. In fact, inventory is being restored at a historically high pace, which is a sign that the real estate market in Indianapolis continues to move in a positive direction.

As the market stabilizes, sellers can continue to look forward for gains in their homes values. If you are considering invest in Indianapolis, now is the time to do it.

At BridgeWell Capital we can provide you with the private money financing you need to get you started. We can put hard money in your pocket within 7 days so you can start making offers and lining up deals right away.

If you would like to know more about our private money loans, feel free to call us at 317 296-7000 or you can fill out our hard money loan request now.


Great real estate markets are usually driven by a large population growth and Indianapolis is not the exception. Between the years 2010 and 2050, Indiana’s population is estimated to grow by 15 percent (from 6.48 million to 7.48 million residents), according to the Indiana Business Research Center. The population growth, as stated by these projections, will take place in the next few years as population will reach a total of 6.58 million residents in 2020.

Throughout this period, the population will continue to undergo major structural shifts. The dominant force driving this change is the baby boom generation. The first boomers hit age 65 in 2011 and all of them would continue to retire until 2030. At that point, seniors will represent 20 percent of the population.

To investors this can be good news. Many seniors will be looking for their retirement home in the following years, as they claim their retirement savings, or cash-out their life’s investments. With the aging population of Indianapolis you will find great opportunities to grow your business in this market.

Just as demographics are an essential factor when deciding your next investment destination, a reliable source of financing is equally as important. If you are considering investing in Indianapolis, make sure to check out BridgeWell Capital’s private money loan programs. They are the fastest, easiest way to get private money financing and the safest way to achieve your goals.

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Indianapolis Real Estate Investor Associations

Real Estate Investor Associations (REIAs) are a great way to start your business in Indianapolis. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in real estate investing, REIAs can be a valuable resource. Real estate investing is a business well-known for the large amounts of potential returns. However, these returns usually come with a higher amount of risk. REIAs can help you mitigate that risk.

Only REIAs can offer you the opportunity to have a professional real estate investor help you write your business plan, or the benefit of learning from real life field training. They are a place where you can find the answers and solutions to all your investing-related questions and problems. Either your colleagues, vendors or trainers will be able to help you.

Indianapolis has two major REIAs: Central Indiana Real Estate Investors Association (CIREIA) and Indy Property Investors (IPI). CIREIA hosts meetings at least once every week on a variety of subjects; from property management and landlording, to broker training. On the other hand, IPI is specifically geared towards investors who purchase properties in Indianapolis to fix and sell, lease or rent out. You will find valuable information and a great opportunity to network with fellow investors in Indianapolis.

REIAs can deliver great opportunities to real estate investors. The knowledge, training and networking events can go a long way in boosting your business. However, if you want to take your business to the next level, consider financing your deals with hard money loans from BridgeWell Capital. Rest assured, you will maximize your investment’s returns.

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What Our Clients Say About Our Loan Programs

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Alex Rose
“ I have worked with many different variations of lenders in the real estate business and have yet to find one as consistent, professional and reliable as with Bridgewell Capital. We have used Bridgewell as our primary source of funds to purchase and renovate for the past 2 years. They immediately respond to my emails when a new POF is requested or when I have questions during the loan approval. Its been an absolute pleasure working with them and I would encourage anyone else in the real estate investing business to use them for funding as well. ”
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Kathleen Harrison
“ We have completed several transactions with this lender and have had a great experience every time. Staff is knowledgeable and efficient. Communication is excellent. Will definitely work with again. Highly recommend. ”
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Francisco Diego
“ The team at BridgeWell Capital are friendly, knowledgeable, great customer service, and most importantly they make their funding process very simple and fast. They were able to make my funding process easy to understand from beginning to closing. They were there every step of the way. Thanks BridgeWell for the good work that you provide to us as investors! ”

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BridgeWell Capital LLC is a direct, licensed mortgage lender that provides financial services to real estate investors all over the country, including financing for residential investor flips, financing for rental properties, and cash-out refinances to make it’s clients investing endeavors more profitable and efficient.

BridgeWell Capital works with real estate entrepreneurs, realtors, property management companies, brokers and wholesalers by providing a fast and convenient source of investing capital.

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