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You Invest in Real Estate. We Invest in You.

Providing Capital, Inventory, and Coaching
for Experienced and First-Time Investors

Experience You Can Trust

Since 1996, our staff of experienced professionals
have loaned over $500 million to Real Estate Investors.

"I love working with people who do THEIR job and do it professionally and seamlessly. This is what I have found with BridgeWell Capital from the front to the end of the process."
- Kelly, Orlando, FL

“My experience with BridgeWell Capital has been excellent! The customer service was great, and the loan approval process was fast and painless! I look forward to a long and prosperous business relationship!”
- Jerome, Indianapolis, IN

“Listen if you are reading this and you need a lender that will give you a great cost for the product, be responsive and keep you updated you need to call BridgeWell”
- Susan, Charlotte, NC

“Decided to try BridgeWell for the first time and all I can say is that from now on I will continue to use them for multiple deals. Easy to use, friendly, and most importantly, fast!!!”
- Dom, Orlando, FL

Virginia’s Hard Money Lender – BridgeWell Capital

BridgeWell Capital is a licensed hard money lender offering hard money/private money loans for residential real estate transactions in Virginia. We specialize in the greater Richmond area, although we also serve Norfolk, Chesapeake, Newport, Arlington, Hampton, East Hampton, Alexandria and Portsmouth Heights.

There are many hard money lenders in Virginia, but if you are looking for a lender that offers outstanding customer service, excellent loan terms and flexible financing options, you have found the right place. With BridgeWell Capital you can expect:

  • Fast, hassle-free loan closings
  • Competitive loan terms – among the best in the industry.
  • Responsive service
  • Minimal paperwork
  • Easy loan qualification

Whether it is your first hard money loan, or your 10th, you can expect to have a consistent experience with BridgeWell Capital. If you haven’t done so already, contact us at 804.469.8000 or submit a free, no-obligation, funding request online.

Qualifying for a Hard Money Loan in Virginia

Obtaining a hard money loan in Virginia is a simple process. We qualify based on your ability to succeed, which usually comes down to having a solid buy on a good investment property.

In 35 years of hard money lending experience, we have determined that the best residential investment properties include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Single family, detached residential homes (1-4 units)
  • Non-owner occupied properties, where there is no emotional attachment to the property.
  • Homes located in established subdivisions, with sidewalks and driveways
  • Residential properties built on standard construction
  • Homes in neighborhoods with good appreciation prospects (See Virginia Market Trends on Zillow)

See our Blog for more information on What to look for in a residential real estate investment.

Hard Money Loan Programs and Terms in Virginia

BridgeWell Capital offers hard money loans for investors that need a quick source of financing for residential investor flips and property rentals. The following loan programs and services are available for investors in Virginia:

  • Investor Rehab Loans: For investors that need financing for buy, fix and sell investment projects on residential properties.
  • Rental Property Loans: For investors that need financing for buy, fix and hold investment projects on residential properties.
  • Cash-out Refinance: For investors that need to free up some capital from a currently owned residential investment property to finance their next investment.
  • Proof of funds letters: For investors that need to prove to the sellers of a residential investment property that they have the funds available to close on the property.
  • Refi Builder Program: For investors that wish to transition into a long-term, lower-interest loan.
  • Investor Consulting Program: For inexperienced investors that need step-by-step guidance at every state of their investment project.

Every hard money loan program has it’s unique terms and underwriting guidelines but in general you can expect the following:

  • 6.95% to 12.95% APR
  • 1 to 30 year loan terms
  • Up to 80% loan-to-values
  • Minimum loan amount of $75,000

For more information about our terms, feel free to contact us directly at 804.469.8000 or via our contact page

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© 2019 BridgeWell Capital All Rights Reserved. BridgeWell Capital LLC is a leader in investor private money lending throughout the U.S. since 2008. This is not a commitment to lend. BridgeWell Capital LLC reserves the right to amend rates and lending guidelines. *The Rental Perm program rates start at 3.5% APR and up depending on borrower and property qualifications. All loan programs including conversion to perm require qualification by the borrower and the property.