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Alex Rose
“ I have worked with many different variations of lenders in the real estate business and have yet to find one as consistent, professional and reliable as with Bridgewell Capital. We have used Bridgewell as our primary source of funds to purchase and renovate for the past 2 years. They immediately respond to my emails when a new POF is requested or when I have questions during the loan approval. Its been an absolute pleasure working with them and I would encourage anyone else in the real estate investing business to use them for funding as well. ”
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Kathleen Harrison
“ We have completed several transactions with this lender and have had a great experience every time. Staff is knowledgeable and efficient. Communication is excellent. Will definitely work with again. Highly recommend. ”
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Francisco Diego
“ The team at BridgeWell Capital are friendly, knowledgeable, great customer service, and most importantly they make their funding process very simple and fast. They were able to make my funding process easy to understand from beginning to closing. They were there every step of the way. Thanks BridgeWell for the good work that you provide to us as investors! ”
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BridgeWell Capital: Nashville’s Hard Money Lender

Known for its strong health care, publishing, banking and music industry, Nashville is now emerging as a notorious leader in the real estate industry. Many investors would now confidently say that Nashville has become synonymous with success.

However, to be successful in real estate, choosing a good place to invest is not enough to guarantee positive results. The success of your investments largely depends on having the financial resources available. Finding a reliable source of financing is the most common stumbling block of many real estate investors in Nashville, and one of the top reasons why deals fall off in the investor’s agenda.

If this situation seems familiar to you, hard money (also known as private money) is your solution.

Hard money financing is what BridgeWell Capital is all about. We offer a reliable source of hard money to finance investor buy-fix-sell, buy-fix-rent or refinancing of your residential investment properties.

BridgeWell Capital offers fast, easy and affordable hard money loans for real estate investors in Nashville. Our hard money loans are geared towards investors in Nashville that are seeking to fund their deals but cannot meet the strict underwriting requirements of banks and other conventional lenders. Credit score and employment situation (being self-employed, for example) are usually the main deterrents of investors in Nashville for getting a loan from a conventional lender.

But a poor credit score or your self-employment should never keep you from getting the funds to close your deals. At BridgeWell Capital, we understand there are many real estate buyers in Nashville that have damaged credit, are self-employed, have had foreclosures or even short sales. In order to approve our private money loans, we take into consideration that many of these buyers have solid income, a significant down payment and the ability to succeed. Our hard money loans program is designed to help those investors meet their goals no matter their credit score or employment situation.

Besides our easy loan approvals, one of the main benefits of our private money loans is the flexibility of our terms. Once you are approved, you can extend your loan to up to 30 years.

In regards to funding, we can finance up to 80% LTV. Although this may vary depending on the type of property, most of our loans generally cover a large portion of the total closings costs (purchase price, rehab costs and closing costs).

If you would like to find out more about our private money loans, feel free to call us at 615-285-8000 our you can request hard money funding now

The Real Estate Market In Nashville

In spite of the recent real estate market slump, Nashville has actually weathered much better than many other areas in the nation. Positive indicators show even greater improvements in the near future.

Nashville home prices are on the rise, and very fast. For example, in April of 2012 the median list price was $175,000 and one year later, it was estimated to be $209,900. That is a 20 percent increase in one year! For sellers, this is good news, because the square footage of listed homes has gone up only by 8 percent, meaning the price per square footage is substantially higher, and increasing.

The increase in home prices is due, to some extent, to the shrinking inventory in Nashville. Similarly, the steady demand from homebuyers has also contributed to this trend.

As a result, homes are staying less time in the market before they are purchased. The average number of days a house stays in the market dropped by 21 percent in 2013, with a median time of 45 days (57 days was the median in 2012).

The changes in Nashville’s market indicate a positive trend in favor of sellers. Many sellers are jumping in to take advantage of the great deals Nashville has to offer. If you are a real estate entrepreneur looking to invest in Nashville’s hot market, you will need to be ready to find, negotiate and get great deals. With private money you can gain a significant advantage from your competition in Nashville. A hard money loan can let you make better offers because it’s the fastest, easiest and most reliable way of financing your deals.

If you want to know more information about our hard money loans, feel free to call us at 615-285-8000 or you can request funding now.

Demographics in Nashville

Whether you plan to buy-fix-sell, buy-fix-rent or refinance your residential investment property, you need to know the demographic climate. Nashville is a vibrant, prosperous and emergent area. The population is consistently growing, there is a higher level of education among the residents and income levels are rising. The demographic trends of Nashville show what makes it stand out from other cities in the country in regards to young talented workers, population diversity and growth as well as the variety of settings, going from urban, to suburban to rural.

The population diversity and the overall prosperity of the area is the hallmark of Nashville’s demographic picture. Investors will find opportunities on every corner, so you need to keep your eyes open, and your investment resources ready. If you haven’t done so already, check out BridgeWell Capital’s hard money loan program. You will find it helpful to know this information before entering Tennessee’s hottest market.

If you are ready to invest Request Private Money Now

Real Estate Investors Associations in Nashville

Just as hard money is essential to hit the land running in Nashville, Real Estate Investors Associations (REIAs) are equally important. Hard money can give you the financial resources to close your deals, but REIAs have the knowledge and the education you need to effectively manage your deals and make better use of your financial resources.

Some of the most relevant REIAs in Nashville are the following:

At BridgeWell Capital, we encourage our borrowers to join the REIAs that best fit their needs. If none of these fit your expectations, there are more REIAs out there. So keep your eyes open.

Regardless of what REIA you join, BridgeWell Capital is ready to assist you in your financial needs with our private money loans program in Nashville. For more information, feel free to call us at 615-285-8000 or request hard money today