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How do you approve loans?

We approve loans based on your ability to succeed with your real estate investment project. We look for 3 components in every loan we approve. We call it “BEE” approved by BridgeWell.

BEE stands for:

  • Benefit: BridgeWell is committed to WIN-WIN business transactions. The first thing we look for is “benefit” to the Real Estate Investor. We only fund loans where we clearly see substantial benefit to the borrower.
  • Equity: We want our Customers to have solid equity in their investment projects right from the beginning. One of the keys to successful real estate investing is making a great buy on a solid property.
  • Exit: Successful investment projects typically require a workable exit strategy. This may be a prompt re-sale plan for a “buy-fix-sell” project or conventional refinance (or cash pay-out) plan for “buy & hold” projects. A well-planned, realistic exit strategy is a key component of all successful real estate investment projects.